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About Verandahs

Verandahs Parkside Lodge is a family business owned by three Kiwi brothers and their families. Built and restored from native New Zealand Kauri timber, our two villa buildings guarantee comfortable rooms, elegant lounges, and our signature picturesque verandah view. Whether you're travelling alone or sharing the trip with others, you'll enjoy style, serenity and space in the heart of the city.

Verandahs has a mix of private rooms, share rooms, and mixed-share dormitory. All our rooms provide the utmost comfort for travellers at a budget price. Daily cleaning of the common areas ensures hygiene and comfort.

Spacious Lounge

To relax and socialise.

Snug Lounge

To relax and chill.

Fully-Equipped Kitchen

To cook up a treat.

Our Beliefs

Environmentally friendly living is healthy living - we seek to minimise our ecological footprint through environmentally friendly practices. Along with our villas being restored through recycled building materials, we have filtered cold drinking water to fill your reusable water bottle, solar hot water, eco-friendly woollen and recycled polyester insulation, energy-efficient sensor lighting, dual flush toilets, and water-saving showerheads. All our cleaning products are eco-friendly. We recycle paper, glass and plastics and arrange safe disposal of used batteries.

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